Malacañang Heritage Mansions

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Bahay Ugnayan

Bahay Ugnayan houses the historical timeline of key events that occurred in the private and public life of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., which ultimately led to his triumphant march to Malacañang Palace.

Teus Mansion

Teus Mansion now serves as the Presidential Museum, where all can embark on an in-depth journey through the lives of our Republic’s 17 Presidents and enjoy the vast collection of priceless artifacts, now referred to as the “Treasures of Malacanang.”

Combined Gallery with Autoplay
Combined Gallery with Autoplay

Goldenberg Mansion

Goldenberg Mansion a fully refurbished home built in the 1800’s by the Eugster family, is now the favored venue for this administration’s cultural and art events. This can be privately rented as well.

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